Jaxx & Marbles

Our Story

The AHA moment behind starting Jaxx & Marbles, a unique Toronto-based children’s accessory brand, was hatched a few years ago in the heat of the summer. Two friends, and career driven moms, decided to work together in the next chapter of their lives. This enabled the co-founders, Martha Fell and Stephanie Tamblyn, to satisfy their love for all things creative and their drive for a new challenge.

The brand adventure began with designing kids’ belts. Why belts? Simple answer - they are a basic children’s accessory that are hard to find. This is especially true with unique styles and well-made components. Designing a belt with a sense of “coolness” and of course high quality were all at the top of the list. Being made in “our own backyard” was also a key ingredient and has become a HUGE part of who Jaxx&Marbles is today. Our suppliers and our manufacturer are all located in Toronto. The belts’  originality lies in the buckle. Each buckle is engraved with an initial (for example - first initial of child’s first or last name) or an image. Our first set of images include three fun emoji’s.

Our company, Jaxx and Marbles, personifies what we value most - kids interacting with other kids in real play. Getting back to basics on all levels of life.